This past week, the city of Hayward opened a coronavirus testing center. Out of the 207 tested on the first day, 54 were positive for COVID-19 infection, including one case from the Burbank School community. It’s here, so please remain diligent in practicing our Coronavirus Prevention methods, as we Shelter in Place.

How We Can Help

In addition, our Board of Elders and Deacons has been praying for ways that we can rally as a church to be Jesus’ tangible blessing during this global crisis. We vetted out some of the most effective ways we can support those on the frontline in our medical community, especially as we see hospitals and workers being overwhelmed in other parts of the country and world, and the shortage of personal protective equipment.

Bless Burbank School

Thank you to all who sponsored WIFI hotspots for under-resourced Burbank students to access online distance learning. We appreciate you tangibly demonstrating the love of Christ to our community as a church!

  • 17 Burbank students now have access to WiFi hotspots for a whole year.

Donate to WE CARE

“We Care” is a Christian coalition from the United States, Canada, and Asia that is assembled to raise funds to buy FDA-certified surgical masks for hospitals in NYC, San Jose, and Seattle. They’re already being manufactured, and the first shipment will arrive in the US as soon as April 2-5.

We raised over $4,450, exceeding our goal of $2,750 , but we encourage you to continue giving to this important need.

Give Locally

Two of our local hospitals are requesting help in providing medical supplies. Information about what kinds of new items, and how to give, can be found at their respective websites:

Help Hayward Homeless

Thank you, church, for being so generous as a reflection of Jesus' love to our community. So far, you've EXCEEDED EVERY GOAL in providing:

  • 70 new toothbrushes and 59 tubes of toothpaste for homeless friends quarantined in a shelter after being tested for COVID-19.

May we be the tangible expression of the gospel, giving hope and help to our world, to the glory of God, and for the good of others.

Blessings, Pastor Josh