Growth Groups

2022-2023 Registration now open!

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What is a Growth Group?

Cross-generational, accessible, missional communities for adults that meet 3-4 times per month in people's homes.

Our Vision: To grow deeper in Christ, in His family, and in His mission together.

  • Grow transformationally in Christ through spiritual depth with Jesus.

  • Grow relationally in His family through encouraging, authentic, and accountable friendships.

  • Grow missionally in reaching out to serve God and people outside of our group.

For more info visit our Growth Group FAQs document!


To sign up for a group, fill out an online form and we will get back to you shortly!

For the year of 2022-2023, new Growth Groups will start on the week of Sept 15, 2022.

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Times and Locations

Join a group that meets for co-ed Bible study, followed by separate men's and women's sharing and prayer. Here are the new growth groups for 2022-2023.