Current Series

Gospel of John: Supernatural (Fall 2019 - Spring 2020)

Encounter the supernatural God who calls us out of our comfort zones into a life of faith.

Experience the power of the gospel about Jesus Christ to transform our lives, our relationships, and our communities.

Latest Sermon

Knowing God in Real Time [august 2019]
In this 3-part guest speaker series, we will look into this amazing psalm and discover its very personal application.
Dealing with Doubt (July 2019)
Dealing with Doubt [july 2019]
In this 4-part series from our Summer Retreat,we're confronted with some uncomfortable questions:
When is it okay to have doubts about God?What's the relationship between doubt, faith, and certainty?How does doubt relate to pain and suffering?
Summer Series (June - July 2019)
Summer Series 2019 [june - july 2019]
As we enjoy a California summer, we'll also enjoy one-off messages from our pastors and some of our best guest speakers to keep our eyes focused on Jesus, and continue living out the gospel.
Ready (September 2018 - June 2019)
Revelation: Ready [fall 2018 - spring 2019]
Preparing today's faith for tomorrow's reality as we experience King Jesus' victory through the book of Revelation
Are you ready?
The Blessing (August 2018)
The Blessing [august 2018]
One of the most recognizable blessings in the Bible is found in Numbers 6:24-26. It was repeated daily for thousands of years as part of the Temple worship in the Old Testament. Today, many churches include it as a weekly benediction at the conclusion of their worship service.
In this 4-part guest speaker series, we will look into this amazing blessing and discover its very personal intent.
Not-So-Simple Wisdom (July 18)
Not-So-Simple Wisdom [july 2018]
In this 4-part series from our Summer Retreat, we're reminded how the Book of Proverbs seems to suggest that life is simple: "Do the right thing, and everything will turn out fine." The problem is, sometimes life in this world is more complicated than that.
Guest speaker, Rev. Danny Strange, guides us to investigate how God's wisdom should work in a complicated world.
Faking Religion to a True God (June 2018 - July 2018)
Faking Religion to a True God [june - july 2018]
It's easy to feel routinely disappointed by God, producing routine worship in us, divorced from spirit and truth.
In this 6-part series, Malachi gets to the heart of this issue by addressing the heart of worship.
Wiser (September 2017 - May 2018)
Proverbs: Wiser [fall 2017 - spring 2018]
Develop practical maturity to walk in the way of wisdom for a Christ-centered life through the book of Proverbs
The Keys to Life (August 17)
The Keys to Life [august 2017]
This 4-part series is taken from Psalm 37, written by King David near the end of his life. In this psalm, David presents 4 personal discoveries that are essential to living in a broken world. Each message explores one of these "keys to life", and considers how we might personally experience what David discovered.
Thinking Eternally (July 17)
Think Eternally about the Earthly [july 2017]
In this 4-part series from our Summer Retreat, we examine the world's values as seen through the eyes of eternal individuals who have the assurance of life after death. How do we view money, success, marriage & relationships, church involvement, career & school, and other priorities in life?
Overcome (October 2016 - July 2017)
Romans: Overcome [fall 2016 - spring 2017]
Righteousness from God for the religious and the rebellious.
Discover how the gospel about Jesus overcomes lies, sin, death, and division in our lives personally, and together as a church.
Building the Church (September 2016)
Building the Church [september 2016]
The church is not just a building, organization or institution. The church is God's people, in thriving relationship with Him, with each other, and with the world. You are the church.
This 3-part series will help us develop a vision for what it means to become the church God intends, both personally and together.
Summer Retreat (July 2016)
Redemptive Suffering [summer 2016]
In this 4-part series from our summer retreat, we learned how God doesn't waste the pain of His loved ones. But all too often, we try to escape it, unaware how it is one of God's greatest tools for equipping His people for ministry on earth. Without knowing how to suffer redemptively, the Christian can very easily despair and become isolated and bitter. This is not the abundant life Jesus came to give us, so we must learn to embrace the pain and profit from it, for our good and God's glory. This is our goal.
Sovereign Savior (September 2015 - July 2016)
Sovereign Savior [fall 2015 - spring 2016]
Encounter the Sovereign God who saves us from sin and sends us to serve
Hope (July 2015 - August 15)
Hope [summer 2015]
This 4-part series will explore one of the most significant features of the Christian life: HOPE.
Consider why hope is essential, and how it transforms our experience of life's pleasures and challenges.
Discover how hope is activated, and come away with a powerful way to orient ourselves in a broken world.
Strong and Courageous (September 2014 - June 2015)
Joshua [fall 2014 - spring 2015]
How God's people live out courageous faith in God's presence for God's purposes according to God's promises.
Along with each message, live out courageous faith weekly with these practical steps: Take the Land