[august 2019]


Psalm 46 was written in a moment of history when God's people were facing a crisis. It addresses the realities of life and how knowing God - His person, presence and power - transforms how we walk through the challenges we encounter. The psalm was written by the sons of Korah and meant to be sung, not by the strong and confident, but by those who felt weak and overwhelmed.

In this 3-part guest speaker series, we will look into this amazing psalm and discover its very personal application.

Following & Flourishing*

2019/09/01 | John 6:1-15 | Leedah Wong

Knowing the Power of God (part 3)

2019/08/25 | Psalm 46:8-11 | Steve Korch

Go Where He Sends*

2019/08/18 | Acts 21:1-16 | Dennis Lee

Knowing the Presence of God (part 2)

2019/08/11 | Psalm 46:4-7 | Steve Korch

Knowing the Person of God (part 1)

2019/08/04 | Psalm 46:1-3 | Steve Korch

* Not part of the series