Bigfoot Youth Retreat

I just need to get away for a weekend • What if I could take off the mask I wear in public • Are there really people out there who’d accept me the way I am • I wonder what it’d be like to really meet God


Come join us on February 16th through 19th! Pastor Zenas Fung will be speaking on the theme of SIN.


BIGFOOT is a camp sponsored by Footprints! Christian Youth Group for students grades 6–12. We cram your long President's Day weekend with fun, friends, games, activities, music, seminars and mind-bending discussions!

Are you a student looking for more out of life than just sitting around watching TV, staring at computer screens and doing homework? Do you want to discover REAL meaning and purpose in your life? Wanna have tons of fun? Then, this is the camp for you... We want you to come!

On top of the wild weekend fun, our program focuses on 5 real-life seminars exploring "SIN", a word that is central to Christianity. We were born into it, we were saved from it, and it is the change that believing in Jesus resolves. Is this how you see it? 

Join us for 4 days and 3 nights of action-packed reality, and prepare yourself for a HUGE adventure!


Our 2.5-hour focus programs are every morning & evening, and make up the bulk of our weekend:

We’ll also have some wild group activities outside our focus programs, like:


Besides the awesome organized games, activities, music and seminars, there’s tons of fun stuff to do with pals (new or old) during your free time! Don’t miss out on this great stuff while you’re there:

Details and Information

When: Feb 16 - Feb 19, 2024. 

Where: Redwood Glen

Cost: (checks payable to "CFCC Hayward")
Early Registration (11/26-12/16) $125
Regular Registration (12/17-1/13) $150
Late Registration (1/14-1/28) $200


Where is the retreat located?

Redwood Glen at 100 Wright Road, Loma Mar, CA 94021

Located in the Santa Cruz Mountains ~1.5 hour drive from Hayward

When is the retreat?

Friday, Feb16 - Monday, Feb 19

We will meet up at CFCC Hayward (157 Smalley) on Friday for the bus ride up the mountain then aim to be back at church by around 3PM on Monday. 

What do I need to bring?

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to Bigfoot Coordinator,  Bonnie Wu ( or Footprints Core Coordinator, Daniel Cheng (